French Fries Review #2 – Taco Bell

Several weeks ago, Taco Bell began an impressive campaign to promote its latest offering, Nacho Fries. I was curious, but skeptical, as how could the flavor of nachos be contained in the completely different food known as French fries. As someone who once loved their cheesy potatoes, I was worried that their Nacho Fries would be a variation of that concept.

Recently I had the experience of eating an order of these fries, and they are as impressive, if not more so, than the hype.

On the surface, Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries seem rather ordinary aside from the coloring of the seasoning. The fries are standard cut fries, so in shape, they do not appear to break from the mold set by fast-food restaurants. However,  as soon a single fry is picked up, the well-crafted nature of the fries becomes apparent.

Each fry is light, not heavy, fluffy and almost feathery in terms of weight and texture. The exterior was thick and strong enough to hold it together, but this was not a fry to crunch, but one that barely hid its goodness. under its warm skin.

Tasting the fry made my taste buds sing with joy. The flavoring is seemingly taco-inspired, but at the same time, it does not taste quite like anything else at Taco Bell.  It has spices which are strong, but not overwhelming, and not overly hot. Unlike the cheesy potatoes, which do have a slight aftertaste, there are no hints of any artificial or manufactured flavors as far as the taste is concerned.

I also appreciate the cheese sauce as a side, as it complements the flavor of the fries well. Like all good fries, though, the Nacho Fries can easily be eaten without any condiments, with ketchup, or most dipping sauces of one’s choosing.

I will add one caveat. Nacho Fries by themselves — or with the standard dipping sauce — are delicious. However, any upgraded versions of the fries taste like good fries with standard Taco Bell ingredients on them. Even though I like Taco Bell’s food, I admit, their regular offerings do not blend well with these fries. My recommendation is to eat the Nacho Fries as a separate, standalone order.

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