French Fries Reflections

Saturday I had the pleasure of eating hot, Burger King French fries. They were serviceable fries, and like many fries from fast food restaurants, had a distinctive hint of the signature flavor or the establishment. Burger King’s fries, while generic, do have a slight sweet hint to them. It is a taste I can’t identify, but has a hint of onion and mayonnaise-like flavor without quite tasting like either of those ingredients.  It is a specific taste that nearly all of Burger King’s fried and heated items have, and actually is very palatable for the onion rings, French Toast sticks, and, yes even permeated the Whoppers.

Today, by contrast, I ordered French fries from the Hott Dawgz‘ food truck.  Unlike most chains which give fries of a standard which varies very little, the fries from the truck were more unique in length, and each French fry, with the bit of skin on the end, told its own story. The fries were not overly crisp but not soggy, and there is a care to French fries distributed from local establishments that even delicious.

This is not to say one is better or worse than the other. Depending on my mood, I can prefer the predictability of an industrialized and measured product to a more random selection, or I can crave the individuality of fries made to order. As they say, let the chips fall where they may…into a salivating, tooth-filled mouth with a  working tongue to free the flavor within them.